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Art Academy

Art is powerful. When a young person connects with the arts they find not just the capacity for personal expression, but also confidence in a discipline they can carry with them for life. That’s real power. Like the power-to-light-up-a-room powerful.

Previous art experience or lessons are not a requirement to join our studio. We welcome every level of artist, including absolute beginners. Our classes are structured with step-by-step instruction making the drawing process simple and fun. Each year your child is enrolled we step up the skill level required for projects, so your child is continually engaged and challenged.

For all art class inquiries, please contact us via phone 647-348-8182 or e-mail, and a specialized staff member will be happy to assist to you.

Please contact us by e-mail or by phone 647-348-8182 for more information about our classes!
  • Our Art Classes are Engaging, Challenging & Fun!

    Art-Kitect is excited to now offer DIGITAL ART CLASSES starting in September! Register today!

    Our studio follows a standard vocational practice for European artists called the ‘atelier system’, where a working artist trains students in a studio setting. The Art Academy at Art-Kitect practices realism art by teaching students how to render realistic figures. Our students can learn a wide-variety of artistic styles and mediums! This includes figure and portraiture, anime/manga, architecture, animals and nature, still life renderings and more. Mediums we explore include, pencil and charcoal, acrylic and oil paint, watercolour and digital art!

    Curriculums for all classes are planned and created by Academy’s founder and creative director, Elissa Del Bel Belluz.

Our Class Schedule

Please see the below schedule for the 2019-2020 year

Brush Strokes


To register for a class, please download and sign a copy of our Enrolment Form and review our Terms &

Registration is based on first come, first serve basis. Registration is complete ONLY upon the signed return
of the Enrolment form and our receipt of tuition paid in full.

Please complete the form to the best of your ability and return it to our studio to register.

Course Details

Brush Strokes

Novice Class

This course is designed to teach our youngest students art foundations by exploring different mediums in an engaging environment packed with fun and rich art projects. Art-Kitect Novice Classes introduce kids to the elements of art that will help develop fine motor skills, like grasping, holding and eye-hand coordination. Kids will learn to compare shapes, sizes and proportions, values and textures. Our projects are designed to help develop imagination, attention to detail and focus.

Class size is limited to 4 – 5 Students. All materials are included in the class fee. Please feel free to bring a smock or a shirt that your little artist can dirty up with paint.

  • Ages 4 - 7
  • 1 Hour
  • All Year
  • $25.00 / class
Brush Strokes

Intermediate Class

This course is designed to teach our beginner to intermediate students the realistic approach to drawing and painting. This art class will teach various art concepts such as value, colour theory and composition.  We’ll experiment with acrylic painting, oil painting watercolour painting, pen and ink drawings, pencil sketching and studies to start. Art-Kitect art teachers leave the subject of their work up to the students. Students in the Toronto area love our lessons on Manga/ Anime, Landscape, Figure and Human Drawing, Animal Drawing, Fashion Sketching and Architecture. The students who will choose art as their future career will be able to build a strong portfolio for an art college or faculty.

Class size is limited to 4 – 5 Students. All materials are included in the class fee.Please feel free to bring a smock or a shirt that you can dirty up with paint.

By popular request, we now teach DIGITAL ART lessons for ages 8 and up. Please call or e-mail us for more information on how you can join this class!

  • Ages 8 - 11
  • 1 Hour
  • All Year
  • $30.00 / class
Brush Strokes

Advanced Class

Once our students have demonstrated confidence with art fundamentals the fun can begin! Students will be able to learn large scale painting, fashion design, architectural rendering and programming, digital art, varnishing techniques, framing techniques and artist statements. Our teen art students can practice in acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolour, pencil, coloured pencil and on their iPad. Our teen classes incorporate both a lesson in technique as well as an art history lesson, with a focus on the great masters. Great master examples  presented and described in this class are meant to inspire our students! Our art students who choose art as their future career will be able to build a strong portfolio for an art college or faculty.

Class size is limited to 4 – 5 Students. All materials are included in the class fee. Please feel free to bring a smock or a shirt that you can dirty up with paint.

By popular request, we now teach DIGITAL ART lessons for ages 8 and up. Please call or e-mail us for more information on how you can join this class!

Please Note: Art-Kitect’s Advanced Art Class is already 50% Booked

  • Ages 13 - 16
  • 1 Hour
  • All Year
  • $30.00 / class
Brush Strokes

University Prep & Portfolio Development Class

This is an intense class designed for the mature and serious artist. Tailored programming will be directed by our instructors to build a complete body of work. Students requiring to finish many pieces for their portfolio will be given detailed instruction in class and be asked to complete the rest of the piece at home. Instructors will guide students through the process of creating a portfolio and resume by helping them make critical decisions about where they would like to see their work go. Each students will leave with a portfolio that will include: An Artist Statment; Recommendation Letter; 6-10 + Pieces; Interview Preparation. Art-Kitect is pleased to offer advanced level visual arts education for students intent on attending an visual arts based programming in:

  1. Regional High Schools
  2. Regional and Foreign Undergraduate Universities
  3. Regional and Foreign Colleges
  4. Regional and Foreign Masters and PhD Programs

Art-Kitect teachers offer expertise in the areas of Architecture, Fine Art, Environmental Design, Animation, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, and more. Many of our teachers hold a masters degree or higher and have been through the portfolio process themselves. It is highly recommended that students commence their portfolio one year in advance to their February portfolio submittal (students should start outside of class).

Next Start Date: Full Year – Ongoing

  • Ages 16+
  • 2.5 Hours
  • All Year
  • $60.00 / class
Brush Strokes

Adult Class

Adult classes can only be booked as a private lesson at this time.
For a 1 hour lesson: $55.00
For a 2 hour lesson: $85.00
The recommended amount of lessons is a minimum of 3-10

This class is designed for our adult artists who would like to explore the fine arts or learn new contemporary fine art techniques. This class is designed to accommodate the absolute beginners through to the more experienced artist. students will receive customized, one-on-one expert art instruction according to your needs and interests. Each program will explores techniques, such as colour mixing, colour value, composition, brushwork, paint application, varnishing, and more. You will be encouraged to challenge yourself and get lost in the creative process. students in our extended programs receive the lasting health benefits of painting, such as relaxation, stress relief, and mental clarity. Adult classes are kept purposely small to ensure that each student is receiving the attention they need to successfully grasp new methods and techniques.

Adult classes are created to focus on one medium at a time. Art supplies may be purchased through the academy. Canvas and artist grade paper are included in the course fee.

  • Any Age
  • 1 Hour
  • All Year
  • $30.00 / class
Brush Strokes

Private Classes

Private classes cater to each individual student and are always one-on-one with one of our expert instructors. Students Book private lessons for help with specific projects, portfolio preparation or to improve specific skills. Any medium, technique, or project can be undertaken in this class. Private art classes can be booked by calling the studio directly and scheduling a date and time.

  • Any Age
  • 1 Hour
  • All Year
  • $55.00 / class
Brush Strokes

Social Painting, Off-Site Parties & Private Group Classes

Art-Kitect is pleased to offer social painting classes that are geared towards families and large groups of friends. You can book time in our studio for a social painting class or book us for an out-of-studio party (we bring all supplies to your home or space). Group classes are an excellent way for a group of people who want to sample what an art class is all about in a relaxed and fun environment with zero commitment! All artwork can be taken home that way and hung on your wall!

Events are reserved in 2- to 3-hour blocks.We have several artwork options for private parties — one painting, murals, multiple paintings, male models, and more! All materials are included in the class fee. Please note that prices depend on the group size.

Out-of-Studio Parties We’ve Done:

  • University Socials
  • Corporate Events
  • School Enrichment Programs
  • Baby and Bridal Showers
  • Bachellorette Parties
  • Birthday Parties

We can be booked at any time for any day of the week, including holidays! To book your class please call: 647-348-8182

  • Any Age
  • 2 Hours
Brush Strokes


Art-kitect is pleased to offer professional workshops in our Toronto laboratory and studio. Workshops are 1-3 day of intense and professional instruction of a popular artist technique. Instruction and lectures are delivered by working professionals from around the globe. Workshops are great for individuals who don’t want to make a commitment to our classes, and also want to learn a New skill.

Please register for an available workshop via our class calendar. All materials are included in the course fee.

We are always open to your feedback! If you would like us to conduct a workshop on something you have always wanted to do, please let us know!

What to Expect

Here’s what you can expect at the Art Academy

  • Professional Instruction

    The School’s professional instructors are all practicing artists, who have years of experience working with youth. They are able to tailor programs to fit the strengths of your child, while also providing a nurturing environment for accomplishment and opportunity.

  • Art Competitions

    Students will have the opportunity to enter national and international competitions to build confidence, experience and recognition.

  • Student Age

    Our classes start from ages 4 and up. High-school students considering a career in the arts will benefit from tailored programming, interview preparation, portfolio review, and exposure to creative industries. Getting accepted to your first-choice university is exciting, and we’d like to help you get there!

What to Bring

Please do not hesitate to call (647-348-8182) or e-mail ( us for a more detailed list pertaining to your course.

  • 2 HB Pencils
  • 1 Eraser
  • Watercolour Brushes
  • Acrylic Brushes
  • Colour Pencils for Artists, Set of 48 +
  • Watercolours for Artists, set of 36 +
  • Container or Portable Brush Wrap
  • 10 Acrylic Paint Colours, choose 10 + colours
  • 1 Drying Rag (to dry your wet brushes)
  • 1 Smock (to protect clothing… we love paint, just not on our students)
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