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Thank you for your interest in our services. Please help us understand your request by including high-resolution photographs of the back and front of the artwork, as well as close-ups of problem areas.

Please describe as best you can the problem areas and how the artwork was damaged. Include any information you know of the artwork’s media, title, artist name and dimensions.

Services We Offer

Fine Art Conservation and Restoration Services

We offer a combined 45 years of conservation experience in on-site, museum, and laboratory environments. We pride ourselves on maintaining a transparent line of communication with our clients while offering the highest standard of care with their artifacts. All of our services and techniques are exercised to the extent safely possible so that they may be accessible to present and future generations.

If you wish to schedule a consultation or discuss any of our services, please contact us via phone 647-348-8182 or e-mail, and a specialized staff member will be happy to assist to you.

  • Industry Leading Techniques and Skills

    We make use of state-of-the-art techniques, materials and equipment to preserve the historic integrity and prolong the life of your artifacts, artwork and architecture to the extent safely possible. Art-Kitect Conservation Inc. is a private-practice firm based in the City of Toronto with staff able to travel locally and internationally as needed.

  • Our Clients are Our Top Priority

    Client experience at Art-Kitect is extremely important to us*. We strive to maintain a transparent line of communication with our clients and are available to them 7 days a week.  We want you to speak freely about your concerns with your artworks and will work with your budget to achieve the results you desire. Our conservators are available for both small and large scale projects, both locally and internationally as required. We treat all objects with the same respect, and to each, apply the same high standard of conservation work.

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Disaster Recovery or Disaster Restoration

  • Art-Kitect has extensive expertise working with disaster restoration companies across Canada and has successfully assisted with the salvage, treatment and return of contents following a disaster. Our conservators are available to inspect, clean and restore one-off pieces or large scale contracts for private homeowners, corporations and institutional bodies.
  • For your convenience we are available to assist with inspection within a 24 hour period/ 7 days a week. Our conservators are available to mobilize our lab on-site for treatment and reinstall delicate pieces.
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Paintings Conservation

Art-Kitect’s expert painting conservators can safely diagnose and treat both historic and contemporary paintings. This includes, but is not exclusive to:

  • Canvas paintings
  • Wood panel paintings
  • Mixed-media paintings
  • Oils
  • Acrylics
  • Icons
  • Ivory
  • Murals
  • Large scale
  • Multi-dimensional paintings
  • Acrylic on paper
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Art on Paper Conservation

Art-Kitect’s expert paper conservators specialize in the treatment of artworks on paper and archival records including:

  • Maps
  • Watercolours
  • Historic documents
  • Posters, prints and silk screens
  • Ephemera
  • Scrapbooks
  • Hangings scrolls & other Asian works
  • Etchings, lithographs & engravings
  • Manuscripts
  • Drawings
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Framing & Gilding Objects Conservation

Picture frame and gilded objects are complex works are more complex than they appear/ These objects require a comprehensive multidisciplinary skill set that includes casting and molding, carpentry and the delicate art of applying gold leaf. Our conservators are equipped to repair objects that include:

  • Period, historic frames
  • Contemporary frames
  • Gold, silver and faux finish
  • Gilded architectural elements
  • Gilded ceilings or walls
  • Period mirrors
  • Gilded furniture
  • Conservation upgrades for frames
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Monument Conservation

Our conservation team will mobilize on-site to treat small and large-scale indoor and outdoor monuments. This includes both historic and contemporary 3-D objects. Objects we’re able to clean and treat include:

  • Bronze sculptures
  • Copper-alloy sculptures
  • Stone sculptures
  • Concrete bases and pedestals
  • Iron and Steel sculptures
  • Painted Objects
  • Architectural ornament
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Wall Murals Conservation

Indoor and outdoor murals are special works of art because they are continuously exposed to the environment and viewed by the public** awkward sentence?. Many public art programs consider outdoor murals to be temporary, lasting approximately 10 years, however continual maintenance and preventative conservation, they may last over 20. Indoor can be persevered for over 100. Examples of wall murals we’ve worked on include

  • Ceiling murals
  • Frescos
  • Acrylic and oil murals
  • Marouflages (large canvases glued to the wall)
  • Historic finishes
  • Mural panels
  • Outdoor, public works murals
  • Murals on burlap
  • Mosaics
  • Gilded murals
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Art-Kitect conservators are available to treat works of textile art that include:

  • Tapestries
  • Carpets
  • Flags
  • Costumes
  • Three-dimensional accessories
  • Woven textiles
  • Embroideries
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Digital Restoration & Reproductions

  • Digital restoration or re-touching is the practice of restoring the appearance of a physical photograph or work of fine art with a image-editing program that has been damaged by natural, man made, or environmental causes or simply affected by age or neglect.
  • Digital restoration and reproduction is a museum practice and can be utilized for display, mounting systems and to seamlessly fill in area losses. This practice can be requested by any client with the project is not budgetary or physically feasible.
  • We’re able to remove water damage, scratches, dirt, losses and unwanted colourcasting to return your mementos to the original likeness it was intended to be.
  • The digitally retouched works are archival printed and stored, or put on display in place of the original copy when environmental conditions and handling are not favorable
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Historic Structures

  • Having a dynamic background in both art and architectural conservation, Art-Kitect conservators are able to …..
  • This area of practice encompasses understanding materials, objects, art works, and immovable cultural properties such as buildings, monuments, outdoor sculptures and heritage sites.
  • Included are the study of current composition and condition; interactions with interior/exterior environments; assessing treatment options and priorities; implementing material treatments; and monitoring conditions over time. Modifying or upgrading the environment, storage or display conditions may be included for moveable pieces or collections.

Client Information

We have included important information to help you better understand our process from the moment you bring us your artifact right to when we deliver you the final product.

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Artifact Examination & Proposals

Our proposals are designed to cater to each individual piece by providing a treatment plan that is safe and aesthetically appropriate to the artist’s original style and materials used. To insure quality treatment, we care to evaluate your artwork in person. Artwork brought into our Davisville location will be examined and discussed free of charge.

Examinations not conducted at our Davisville location will be done for a fee based on an hourly rate. After the work is discussed, a treatment proposal and client waiver will be sent to you immediately so work can begin promptly.

On the day of the examination please explain to us what you know of the history of the artwork, including the artist’s name, title, and artwork medium. History, including its acquisition history, helps our staff members diagnose damaged areas more accurately and makes treatment more efficient.

For an examination please contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 647-348-8182 and one of our expert staff members will respond to you promptly.

If you do email one of our staff members with a request for an examination, we can provide a general proposal and an approximate cost estimate based on high-resolution images of the back, front, and details of areas in question of your artwork. Please thoroughly describe the problem areas and any history you may know of the artwork. Also indicate what you know of the artist’s name, title, dimensions, and media of the artwork.

Special consideration will be given for cross-nation and international clients.

Storage & Care

An on-site precision controlled storage unit is available for our clients to take advantage of. The precision controlled storage unit is a benefit that is unique to our facility and only Art-Kitect Conservation clients can benefit from. We are dedicated to ensuring that your artwork is safeguarded with the highest caliber of professionalism and are able to offer a fully secured and airtight unit, with cameras monitored 24 hours/ day. Our storage unit is optimized to ensure that your delicate works of fine art and artifacts are kept in the best possible environment to maintain it’s historic integrity.

The temperature, moisture, and vibration of our unit is controlled and documented. An object condition report will also be created upon receipt of your artwork and will record the artwork’s condition, packing, and object history details. The report will be updated frequently by one of our expert staff members.

Please contact us by phone 647-348-8182 or e-mail for more information on storing artwork at our facility.

Shipments, Pickups & Deliveries

Please contact us to schedule the shipment of your artwork and artifacts. We will arrange the safest, most secure way possible to receive and send-back your artwork. Our vendors specialize in the shipment of art exclusively, and meet high global standards in the shipment of works of art, antiques, and rare artifacts.

If you are delivering your artwork, please contact us ahead of time and we will advise you on how to transport it properly. Otherwise, we are able to pick-up and deliver your artwork and artifacts that near to and within the Toronto area. Please contact our office for pickup and delivery charges.

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